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The Behavioral and Data Science Research Center (BDSRC) was founded by the College of Social Sciences, National Taiwan University. The main goal of the Center is to integrate all existing economics and statistical database systems, allowing professors and students that are determined to research to have access to data through a single, well-combined, and organized platform, enhancing the quality of their empirical research and economic policy analyses.

The specific goals of the Center are:

  • To integrate and utilize all inter-department economics and statistical data or resources of the College of Social Sciences
  • To utilize all types of statistics-related databases to establish academic exchange platforms for researches at home and abroad, by:
    • Actively inviting international top scholars and experts to cooperate with the Faculty of National Taiwan University in research to develop long-term international academic partnerships
    • Promoting collaboration mechanisms with top international research institutes, including cooperative research, co-organizing international academic seminars, cooperative publishing of researches, and exchange of researchers
    • Strengthening information exchange with international academic institutions, as well as major international organizations
  • To promote cooperation of databases of relevant domestic and foreign government agencies, academic institutions, and industries