Data and Social Science Seminar

Data and Social Science Seminar


Time: 2017/06/16 (Friday) 15:30-17:10

Location: National Taiwan University, Social Science Building, Classroom 108


15:30-15:45 PoHan Fong (NTU Economics): How are trends formed?

15:45-16:00 Chung-Ying Lee (NTU Economics): You Are What You Choose: Grouping Consumers Using Website Clickstream Data

16:00-16:15 JiLong Hsieh (NTU Graduate Institute of Journalism): Open Panel: Netizen Community Database

16:15-16:30 Ming-Jen Lin (NTU Economics): Exploring Information Consumption from Social Media: Evidence from Facebook

16:30-17:10 NaiPei Wu (IBM): Data Science and Society Case Sharing

17:10-18:30 Happy Hour: Inviting IBM, Huayi Digital, Vpon, icheck, QSearch and other data companies to come and communicate with our teachers and students.

Organizer: National Taiwan University Economic Statistics Research Center & Department of Economics, National Taiwan University
Sponsor: iCheers