Python Study Group 2018 Spring

Python Study Group 2018 Spring


Last semester, everyone's registration was very enthusiastic, but the amount of people were limited due to the venue. In the 650 registration forms, only 149 students were admitted. But in this semester, we still work with ccClub to hold a Python program study group. We hope that through step-by-step explanation, students who have no background in programming and are willing to spend time, will have the opportunity to enter the world of programming! Python is easy to learn and powerful, and is more suitable as the first programming language for beginners than other programming languages. This course will teach you Python in an easier and practical way. Emphasizing the concept of "learning by doing", students will not only know how to program, but also the meaning behind the models.


Whether you are a person who has no background in the programming or coding, or someone who simply thinks the program cool, or has a basic knowledge and want to try Python data analysis, as long as you are interested in machine learning, you are welcome to fill out the registration form!

Time and Location:

Every Thursday night, 7:00~9:30 pm, from 03/01~06/12, at Social and Science building of National Taiwan University.



The course is completely free!
However, in order to ensure everyone's attendance, and hope that the students who are really interested and enthusiastic could attend, the course description will be given during the first class, and the students who want to participate will be asked to pay NTD.1500 as the guarantee deposit.
If students come every class, (13 times but can have 1 absence or late), the guarantee deposit will be returned to the student at the last class.



The course will be taught in Python 3, with 3 weeks of Python basics, 4 weeks of data analysis tools, 4 weeks of basic machine learning, and a 2 week project to help us integrate phased learning. After the weekly course, there will be 4 to 5 exercises for everyone to practice.
At the same time, we will make a part of the Python basic course into an online audio-visual course, which will be used by the members of the study group, so that everyone can use their spare time to learn and master the basic operations of Python.

Registration Time and Method:

From today to 02/18, you are able to sign up on the website:! Welcome to everyone who are interested in it to fill in the registration form; carefully fill in the self introduction part, which enables us to get to know you better and to comprehend your learning motivation. We will carefully choose our trainees through the forms, so please perform yourselves well in this part!



1. Please make sure your passion and time(at least 4 hours a week exclude the class time), and preview the online courses before the lecture started, spend time finishing homework and exercises at the same time.

2. When you are full of passion and ready to sign up for it, please make sure you fill in the registration forms seriously! Every registration form will be read carefully and we will pick the ideal students who fit our philosophy the most.

3. Please take your own laptop to class(Mac/Window system will both do) and its charger.